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Why Choose Adgebra?

Multilingual Advertisements

Connect with 90% of new age Internet users in the language they understand

2X Better Engagements

Reaching the right audience when they are most likely to engage

Powerful Ad Formats

Drive better brand recall with varied ad formats. Native, Rich Media, Video

Complete Control

Run campaigns like never before that give complete control with powerful tools in your hands

Adgebra for Advertisers

Reach the Unreachable

Connect with 500mn+ global Indian ethnic audiences across premium publishers to drive brand discovery, awareness, engagement and actions

Focused Targeting

Adgebra's multilingual ads complement various targeting options like audience, device, geography and sites, helping brands target campaigns precisely

Strategic Insights

Adgebra's expert campaign analysts offer valuable insights to help you execute your campaigns effectively and achieve desired campaign ROI

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Monthly Impressions
30 M+
Monthly Unique Reach
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Why Choose Adgebra?

Get a Boost

Multiple ad formats means more revenue opportunities for you.

100% Transparent

See near real-time reports with earnings’ dashboard. What you see is what you get paid.

The Perfect Fit

Multiple, responsive ad templates so that you can pick what fits your site best. All this, in an easy one-time integration.

Genuine Advertisers

Do away with awful and filthy native ads. Adgebra serves only clean ads and does not believe in irrelevant traffic diversion

Adgebra for Publishers

Maximise Earnings per Page

Adgebra’s multiple ad-formats along with multilingual ads ensures the highest possible earnings and user engagement

Uplift in Earnings

Adgebra matches the ad language to the language of site/blog content, ensuring better reader engagement and thereby revenue generation

Boost Page views

Adgebra’s ‘Traffic+’ solution empowers publishers to buy quality traffic from 2000+ partner publishers at a competitive CPC pricing model

Ad Formats

Native . Rich Media . Video

Adgebra provides innovative advertising solutions, allowing brands drive more engagements and publishers to serve ads in non-conventional formats that are less intrusive

Native Widgets

Custom Native ads widgets for web, wap and app

Native Notifications

Clean native ads in web and app notifications

Rich Media - WEB

Engaging & interactive In-image ads over article images for websites

Rich Media - WAP

Interactive in-screen ads on mobile wap pages

In-Read Video

Engaging video ads for web and wap traffic

Rich Media - WAP & AMP

Engaging & interactive In-image ads over article images for wap and amp traffic

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