The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed one thing for sure in the corporate world – that companies with a sound work culture have found it easier to sail through these turbulent times. With work from home becoming a necessity these days, a cohesive work environment has shown better results for companies. Times like this pandemic have always shown that employees are the company’s greatest assets and what keeps the employees motivated matters the most. With our new growth strategy outlined for the next two years, people and culture are the prime focus areas at Inuxu.

Creating a TOP CLASS Work Culture

When it comes to ‘work culture’, we at Inuxu have always tried to follow a people-oriented strategy, which we like to call “TOP CLASS”.

‘TOP’ here stands for a Transparent, Open, and Positive work environment. 

TRANSPARENT – Employees feel a sense of belonging to any organization only when the top management is transparent to them regarding its vision, current direction, plans, and goals that are set for themselves and each of their associates. An all-aligned effort is very important for a company and that can be achieved only when everyone understands the vision and direction very well. This vision is broken down into focused goals for individual departments and the work of each associate in that department is channelized towards the same. At Inuxu, we usually try to achieve this during our monthly all-hands meetings, weekly leadership meetings, and one-to-one discussion during appraisals. 

OPEN – Being open to employee concerns, suggestions and ideas is also equally important for us. Unless the management has a system through which employees can make them aware of problems, it is difficult to know if the problem exists. Employee suggestions and ideas can often be game changers and give a newer perspective to the company’s overall direction. Hence, a well-run employee feedback program is very essential to help management have an ear to the ground and at the same time maintain a fresh outlook on different work areas. At Inuxu, 360-Degree feedback is a way that we use to achieve this. 

POSITIVE – Another aspect of healthy work culture is a positive environment, even during times of stress and pressure. The right energy and vibe on the work floor can get incredible things delivered by the team and also bring meaning and joy to many. We have experienced this numerous times at Inuxu, and it has always built newer confidence within the team.

‘CLASS’ is about creating a Competitive, Learning Led, Agile, Social and Secure culture. 

At Inuxu, we have observed that employees that grow vertically within the organization can contribute significantly to the growth. Hence, we have always tried to ensure a free environment for associates to grow as per their skills and provide them with a wider spectrum of responsibilities, technologies, ownership, and work elements. This makes the floor more competitive and challenging. We are also extremely agile in terms of policies, processes, and roll-out which has greatly helped during the current pandemic. 

Another unique aspect of our work culture is that, at Inuxu, we have always endorsed our workforce as a family and hence we hardly miss any chance to make a social impact within our team or outside. This might be in terms of equality at our workplace, socializing across team demographics, contributing to society to the extent possible through CSR activities, and celebrating all cultures. 

Lastly, no work culture can be great without being safe and secure for its employees. We give paramount importance to safety at the workplace, and it can happen only if all employees work as a family, like us at Inuxu!

At Inuxu, we firmly believe that no company can reach greater heights without having a ‘TOP CLASS’ work culture, and hence we take ‘corporate culture’ very seriously. 

As someone rightly said – “Corporate culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that is completely within the control of the entrepreneur.” 

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Team Inuxu