There is no better time than NOW for regional language publishers in India. 

The Rise of Rural Internet Users

With high-speed, low-cost internet connection accessible to maximum parts of India, the urban-rural divide is slowly narrowing.

As per an IAMAI Kantar ICUBE 2020 Report, “While internet users grew by 4% in urban India reaching 323 million users in 2020, digital adoption continues to be propelled by rural India — registering a 13% growth in internet users over the past year.”

Pocket-friendly data plans, affordable mobile phones and the ease of using local language keyboards are some of the factors that are leading to this upsurge and along with it, the growth of regional or Indian language content consumption.

Image Source: Indian Languages – Defining India’s Internet. A study by KPMG & Google April 2017.

*Data suggests:

  • Regional languages will make up around 50% of streaming video consumption in 2025, up from 30% in 2019. 
  • Eventually, half of the ads will be made in regional languages, followed by Hindi (47%) and only 3-4% in English.
  • YouTube released its first regional language Ads Leaderboard report, which showed that the top 10 most-watched advertisements spanning the second half of 2020 were in regional languages.

*Source:  FICCI-EY ‘Playing by new rules’ report 2021.

Monetizing this Trend

This regional content boom spells good news for Indian language bloggers and websites. However, the real challenge now for publishers will not be in the creation of regional content but in tapping into the opportunity to drive revenue from this huge amount of daily traffic that is coming their way.

In the current scenario, not many international ad networks are catering to regional Indian publishers and those who are, may not necessarily give a commensurate share of ad money to publishers.

Enter ‘adgebra’ – an Indian company that understands the requirements of regional publishers and supports ads in 10+ regional languages. 

10 Advantages of ‘adgebra’ for Indian Language Publishers

#1. Multiple Ad Formats: Unlike popular ad vendors, we can help monetize traffic with multiple ad formats and not just native. In addition to native ads, we offer rich media and video ad formats for desktop and mobile sites. We also offer monetization of an app without any SDK integration.

#2. Matching Ad Language = Higher CTR Opportunity: Readers will always have a personal connection and trust a site or brand more if they are communicating in a language that is their own. While well-known international ad networks only support English and some support Hindi advertising, adgebra is the only ad network in India that offers ad capability in 10+ regional languages. As adgebra matches the ad language to the language of site/blog content, it ensures better reader engagement, thereby click-through rates (CTR) and revenue generation.

#3. Higher Payout: Adgebra offers a higher revenue share percentage to its publishers than any other competitor. 

#4. Traffic Building Partners: We have intelligent solutions to help publishers get free traffic as well as buy traffic from 2000+ partner publishers. Additional page views mean more revenue too.

#5. No Revenue Loss: Adgebra’s innovative technology allows publishers to monetize Ad Blocker traffic so that publishers don’t lose out on potential customers and revenue. Adgebra’s native and in-image ads also load on AMP pages. We remove all the limitations out of the way so that publishers can focus on what they are best at, creating world-class content.

#6. Single Monetization Vendor: No need to deal with multiple ad vendors due to their limitations in their ad format and service. As a partner, adgebra also offers DSP integrations for standard banners thereby helping publishers maximize eCPMs. 

#7. Simple Sign Up: Say goodbye to complicated contracts with hard-to-understand and hidden terms and conditions. With adgebra’s easy sign-up option, one can get started in minutes with just a one-time integration.

#8. On-time Payments: We ensure on-time payments with direct bank account deposits to all publishers. ‘What you see in the adgebra dashboard is what you get.’

#9. Dedicated Support Team: No chatbots! We believe in personal connection and offer round-the-clock support in the language publishers are comfortable with. Our highly experienced Publisher Manager Team is always a call away.

#10. Content Analytics (Upcoming Feature): Content Intelligence Dashboard (under development) will help publishers identify the trending topics in real time to formulate the next topic to write on. With content lifespan getting lower day by day, this sure will help publishers attract traffic.

As an Indian language publisher, one can expect high eCPMs, flexible payment terms, real-time statistics, and personalized support from adgebra. Enjoy the highest possible earnings and user engagement that publishers deserve. We are prepared to help monetize the upcoming wave of regional language content growth. Are you?

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