The ‘berrr’ (OND) months are big on festivals in India. From Ganesha, Navratri, Dussehra, and Diwali, major festivals coincide with the most pleasant months of the year. All brands equip themselves with various offers and sales to add to the joy of the festival. We are sure, your brand also must be busy preparing a plan for digital advertising during the festive season. But, during this planning, are you missing out on tapping the new-age internet audience? With the massive growth of regional language internet audiences in India in recent years, it’s just logical to communicate with the target audience to which they’re most likely to respond positively. 

Adgebra gives brands an excellent opportunity to interact with a new, untapped audience that is less exposed to the world of ads. Adgebra makes brand messages reach the newer audience and that too in a language of their choice and that creates an impactful recall value for the brands. 

Let us give you 5 compelling reasons how your brand can focus on the new age internet users during this festive season. 

1. Non-English content consumers – 

Statistically speaking, by the end of 2021, the growth of Indian language internet users will be close to 536 million compared to English internet users, which will be close to 199 million. This means, by sheer numbers, when brands advertise with platforms like Adgebra, the possibility for them to find a unique, interested audience is much higher rather than only sticking with one language. 

During the festive season, this feeling seems to amplify even further. With millions of users searching for festive-related content in regional languages, it’s more logical for brands to amplify their presence there.

How does Adgebra help brands in becoming dominant marketers? By sheer curated reach. Adgebra reaches 500mn unique users per month out of which close to 300mn are regional users from 10+ language belts across India.

Another interesting fact about non-English consumers is that 88% of internet users consider local language digital content to be more reliable than English. 

2. Minimal audience overlap – 

Let’s admit it, The English language brand market has almost reached its limit. Because of the limited yet same number of users, when brands advertise on only English language content pages via multiple ad platforms, they don’t find newer audiences, rather the communication is reaching the same users again and again. 

And when brands advertise with Adgebra, they are able to reach newer, engaged audiences with minimal overlap. Statistically, there is a 25-30% overlap between Adgebra and other similar adtech platforms.

For eg – in digital advertising during the festive season, when a jewelry brand advertises with a number of platforms/websites in English, it targets almost the same audience hence the possibility of finding new users on those platforms is less. Compared to that, Adgebra provides an array of websites/apps in various languages, hence the possibility of finding a newer audience is more, both in qualitative and quantitative ways. 

3. Harness the power of untapped audiences – 

Indian language internet users are expected to account for nearly 75% of India’s internet user base by 2021. That means there is a huge number of untapped audiences by brands but only in local languages. These users aren’t exposed to brand advertising yet, but they are ready to explore and interact with brands. 

As you already know, English language content consumers are constantly bombarded with ads, sooner or later they become passive audiences. Adgebra audiences are new to the brand/ad world, hence they are interested in brand communication and provide higher engagement/conversion rates. And that’s one of the most unique benefits Adgebra offers.

What does this audience look like? They have a decent purchasing capacity, they are curious, interested, and ready to experiment. They keep themselves updated with world news, they are interested in new ways of branded communication. 

So why not make use of this curiosity and interest and reach them with the help of Adgebra? 

4. Target the right audience with regional language keywords – 

Regional language content websites hardly will have keyword tags in English, targeting such content with English keywords is like hoping to hit the bullseye without an arrow.  

Adgebra is the only platform that understands the keywords in 10 different Indian regional languages that will help brands reach precise target audiences no matter what language they are consuming.

Let us give you an example, the festive season is a great time for purchasing new sarees right? But if a regional user is searching for sarees in his/her local language – (Saari, साड़ी, etc) brands will miss out on that audience. With Adgebra’s unique feature of regional language keywords, brands can make sure that even if the saree-related content consumption has happened in any regional language, they might be able to reach out to that customer. Now that’s innovative! 

5. The specially curated audience for digital advertising during the festive season

With Adgebra’s deep tech in understanding regional language content, identifying the audience who’s looking for festive season-related content becomes easier. To make things even simpler, Adgebra has made ‘festive season audience’ readily available as part of its targeting feature for your digital advertising during the festive season. 

These audiences are the ones who are actively looking for sales, offers, coupon codes, product reviews, and more festive season-related things. 

With Adgebra, reach the right user at the right time on the right content and communicate with him/her in their language. 

In a nutshell, the festive season is a great time for brands to look beyond English and start having conversations with their audiences in the language that consumers understand. 

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