Declining ad revenue, managing site to support multiple browsers, OS, device types and hostile competition is adding a lot of pressure on publishers. With screen size getting smaller and smaller, the attention span of the user towards content on websites has also been on a decline. All of this put together is making life of typical digital publisher tougher day by day. This gave rise to a lot of third-party technology service providers that help publishers manage or solve all the above mentioned problems.

Inuxu’s adgebra platform through is various offerings is also helping publishers solve burning issues. Adgebra’s article recommendation widget ‘SPIKE’ is facilitating publishers increase the ‘time spend’ and ‘average page views’ per user, thereby increase in ad revenue. Article recommendation widget is science behind picking right articles and presenting it to the user at the right time with the hope that he/she will stick to the site. This simple problem historically was managed by publishers in-house. Though with no direct revenue impact from it, such in-house development took back seat and problem starting becoming bigger and bigger. Specialized technology companies saw this as an opportunity and this gave birth to ‘content discovery’ platforms.

Content discovery platform in the current state is more of native ad widget that generates decent ad revenue for publishers but does not help to manage increase user attention span. Adgebra’s SPIKE orchestrated the art of managing both the needs (increase in user attention span and ad revenue).

Article Recommendation mix of ‘Art, Science, Language and Finance’

Adgebra’s SPIKE recommendation throws suggestions to users that works on multiple algorithms article recency, popularity, trending, relevant, personalized and cross domain thus SCIENCE helps in making user read what he/she might want to read. SPIKE also is customizable in its appearance to ensure that it gels well with the website across device and browser types thus ART helps in making the user feel at home. SPIKE currently supports English plus all Indian regional languages thus making it perfect LANGUAGE friendly tool, unlike its counter tools that support maximum 2-3 languages. SPIKE ensures that revenues from native ads are coming in to take care of FINANCE side.

Having all the above mentioned features SPIKE is the undisputed leader in content discovery platforms.

Here is the case study on how SPIKE helped leading tamil language publisher achieve 100% (2X) increase in page views with decent native ad revenue.

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