Different shades of a Startup

In an era of bulk campus placements, getting an opportunity to work with the giants of the industry is not rare. In my final year, a lot of corporate giants visited my college to hand pick a decent chunk of engineers. Post the placement season from the remaining lot, quite a few pursued post graduations and other certified courses amidst which I had the option to start my career with a startup or wait for some tech biggie to hold my hand. I chose to start with a startup.

The count of ones who start with the minnows is far too less but a million dollar question is why are these startups not preferred to start with?

When the very thought of joining a startup crossed my mind, these were few perceptions which I had or rather everyone has about a startup.

  • Paid peanuts in a startup
  • Multi- tasking involved
  • Slow start to one’s career
  • Lack of hands-on training

Being associated with a startup from the past 8 months, I realized that  behind all these challenges there are hidden positive counterparts which are negatively neglected, but if considered are interestingly thought provoking. For all my friends who are in a never ending dilemma to choose startup as a career platform or not, let me share my thoughts that I have acquired from Day 1 till Day 244.

To Start with a Startup

As a beginner, I learnt how to be a part of everything that is happening at my office and complete a task within limited time and resource. I believe it helped me boost my self-confidence and also improve my competencies.  The fact that one himself has to find the way out and few helping hands are extended makes one a strong decision maker and in turn increase one’s real experience (not in terms of years spent but in terms of business acumen) unlike the high paying counterparts where the decisions are imposed and not inferred. A feeling that one has the ability to make it big at this level.

I can thus conclude that the simplest theory of life applies even in this context “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Rest is self-explanatory……

Beyond the myth lies the biggest question for a Rookie.

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