The average person will spend approximately one-third of their life at work. It’s no surprise that the time we spend at work greatly impacts our quality of life. Company culture is an intricate and multifaceted concept and can be challenging to define with a few words. Broadly, company culture comprises all the factors that shape a business’s psychological and social environment. It is ultimately up to leadership to create this atmosphere, but each employee likewise plays a role by contributing their own individual personality, preferences, and habits; making it essential to have a team with individuals that make life at work worth living.

A Successful Cricket League is the best opening for 2023

Inuxu has a unique workplace culture that is based on fun, games, and collaboration. This approach to work helps employees stay creative and productive. Also provides opportunities for employees to socialize and bond with their fellows. This supportive environment helps to create a positive and motivating atmosphere at work.

How our Annual Cricket Tournament led to a team bonding event for Inuxuites!

We recently hosted our Annual Cricket Tournament, Inuxu Cricket League after the long pandemic. The team was super enthusiastic and pushed us to take it a step further this time. The excitement and prep were no less than any other IPL! Captains were chosen; Men & women equally participated in the sport with great enthusiasm.

Match Highlights: Winners:

Man of the Match(Men): Shivam Saroj from team ‘FireBlasters’ recently joined Inuxu as an intern and made his first impression. Against team invincible : 131 runs in 30 balls(not out), 20 sixes, 1 four 

(Wo)Man of the Match(women), Diksha Shevante from team ‘Witch on Pitch’ killed it with 55 runs and led the team to victory.

The Final:

The men’s final was a nail-biting rollercoaster! We held our breaths and watched as the Rustic Ravens and Team Invincibles had a close neck-to-neck battle. And the winners were Team Rustic Ravens.

A game of cricket led to a game plan for team bonding
Forbes describes workplace culture as, “the environment that surrounds us all the time.” The jobs website Indeed says it’s a “collection of attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that make up the regular atmosphere in a work environment.”
Well we say, it’s the way we reinvent things around here!

What makes Inuxu’s workplace culture unique?
Inuxu’s workplace culture is unique in several ways. The company has a strong focus on work-life balance. Inuxu fosters a fun and relaxed environment. There are plenty of opportunities for socializing and networking, and the work mode may be overdrive but the dress code is casual.

We Cultivate Culture and reinvent work-life balance for ourselves
The first of our company culture ideas involves figuring out how to promote positive culture during regular workdays. Things like team lunches, late afternoon snacks, and coffee breaks, help the team value their hard work and their time. Brief, casual events provide the perfect opportunity to give employees a little bit of social time during the work day, which can also lead to office friendships and comradery that boost organizational culture as well.

Inuxu has a number of events throughout the year. You can say it is like the Indian Festive season that lasts all year! We have team cook-outs, Inuxu Cricket League, Table tennis tournaments, and many such healthy competitions. We celebrate our wins and success also with great zeal. We believe in taking occasional vacations, our 2020, 9th Anniversary celebration was hosted at an exotic resort in Goa. We celebrated, as hard as we worked and renewed our goals, and replenished our motivation. Team lunches, games, conferences, and of course parties are a classic, on these celebratory getaways!

Algebra employees have been known to have the best sportsmanship spirit when it comes to games.

How these playtimes evolve us personally and professionally
Admittedly, not all office games are created equal. Some are more fun than others, and others are more effective at promoting team building. But the best office games typically have a few key elements in common that make them ideal for helping coworkers bond and build relationships with one another.

One of the most important things we focus on while playing these team-building games is that it encourages communication and collaboration between players. Games that require players to communicate and work together in order to complete tasks or achieve objectives are often the most successful at promoting team building. This is because they force players to interact with one another and learn to trust and rely on each other in order to succeed.

Another important element of successful team-building games is that they promote social interaction outside of work. This is important because it helps coworkers get to know each other on a personal level and builds relationships that can carry over into the workplace. Games that involve activities like sharing personal stories or hobbies, or even just chatting over lunch or coffee, can be very effective at fostering positive social interactions between coworkers.

Finally, good team-building games should be fun! They should be something that employees actually enjoy playing, not something they feel like they have to do. The best office games are ones that people look forward to playing, not ones they dread participating in. If a game isn’t enjoyable, it’s likely that employees won’t want to play it and it won’t be very inclusive.

The true value of positive work culture is, in some ways, immeasurable. Inuxu’s workplace culture is proof that having fun and taking play seriously can be a great way to build a successful business. Not only does it make work enjoyable, but cultivates greater loyalty and respect for each other if they can have some fun while they are working. By creating an environment where there is room for both hard work and relaxation, Inuxu has established the perfect balance of productivity and pleasure in the organization.