This is an era where the budding organizations have almost outnumbered to the established ones. Still, there is a conflict of thought when it comes to working with a startup. As it is assumed that making a successful career in a startup can be a mountainous task. But on the flip side, one can have a booming career in a startup. I have been working with a startup since last two years. In this blog, I will share few mantras on how to have a successful career at a startup.

Adaptability is the key: Rightly said by an American Author “H. Jackson Brown Jr”- “When you can’t change the direction of the wind- adjust your sails”. Unlike the already established companies that have well-defined processes and procedures where they follow a set routine, startups are subject to amendments and alterations relatively quick. 

Faces and phases change frequently in startups. Whether it is job titles, reporting structures, tasks or employees. The change can be frustrating especially when you have got used to certain situations and scenarios, but to triumph in a startup you should be swift enough to adapt.

Flexibility: Startups can entrust you with multiple roles with varying responsibilities. One should be flexible enough to suit the requirements efficiently.  You might face chaos while multi- tasking but it will broaden your vision regarding vivid fields. One should be ready to mold themselves as per the requirement of the organization.

Work- Ownership: You’ll be required to do pretty much everything by yourself when you work  for a startup. This requires a lot of self-motivation as no one has much time and space to educate you on petty issues. The urge to learn plays a key role here. Every startup looks for such young and enthusiastic professionals.
The growth can thus be exponential in startups in comparison to a steady graph of established counterparts due to the presence of self-motivated minds working together.

To anticipate a sizeable chunk in your plate: Startups normally have fewer helping hands for their cause. So you can expect more appetite of work than your palatability. You should thus be prepared to work day in and day out to meet the ever increasing expectations. However, efforts never go in vain. You will definitely learn a lot in the process and mature as an individual both on a personal and professional front.

Accessibility to veterans: Most of the startups begin with a few brilliant individuals and an amazing idea. Unlike corporate giants, the learned of the industry are easily accessible with whom one can interact and learn from on a daily basis.

Such ignited minds are rarely available for interaction in big organizations. Apart from the technicalities, one can even learn the nitty-gritty of the daily business tasks. Their hard earned experience and guidance can play an important part in shaping an employee’s thought process.

Ready for extremities: There is always an element of risk involved while working with startups in contrast to a secured foreseen future in an established organization. Working with a startup will be a new and exciting experience compared to a clichéd one. Though you may have to compromise on luxuries which otherwise you would have availed in the big giants. You’ll be putting in longer days and shoulder additional responsibilities, which may not be a part of your routine work. If you keep the challenges aside, starting your career with a startup can provide you with quick learning and growth opportunities.

Preparedness for the element of risk involved: It is always a risky affair to be involved with a startup as its future can be a bit uncertain. Either it can reach pinnacles of glory or may see a downfall. Startup comprises of a bunch of illustrious investors and a handful of brilliant and self-motivated individuals. As every single individual among these is a vital cog for a startup, there is a heavy dependency on each one of them. Thus quitting of a single individual can affect a startup. Cash flows of startups may not be always smooth because of which one might experience ups and downs with regards to perks and remunerations. But working at a startup offers a different type of reward which is more satisfactory, it cannot be measured in monetary terms but rather in skills attained and opportunities seized.

At the end, there are pros and cons of both startups and the established organizations. But instead of reluctance which at times provokes people to reject the attractive and lucrative offers from startups, one can consider the above mantras and back oneself to blossom along with the mushrooming organizations.