Dun & Bradstreet List of India’s Leading SMEs of 2022 nominates Adgebra by Inuxu Digital Media Technologies as India’s leading SME.

SMEs are key drivers of financial growth in the nation with a high potential to catalyze the overall economic development of a country. The SMEs sector currently contributes to about 30% of India’s GDP. It is the nation’s second-largest source of employment, and India’s startup ecosystem has become the world’s 3rd largest, thus propelling crucial factors toward all-inclusive growth and the future of the country.

India’s entrepreneurial spirit is growing and the ecosystem is collaborating to produce this new generation. India is on a path to becoming one of the world’s leading countries in driving a new-age innovative entrepreneurship-driven economy. SMEs and MSMEs contribute to 30% of India’s GDP and about 50% of the export market revenue. The government of India has been extremely supportive in the push towards making India ‘Aatmanirbhar’, which has also been an accomplishment of the changed and progressive reforms and policies(Financial, investment, skill development, training, technology sharing, handholding, etc.) that are helpful for the SME and MSME sector growth in India

Dun & Bradstreet India’s publication in its 13th edition ‘Leading SMEs of India‘ captures the pulse and the dynamics of Indian SMEs. The credibility of each organization on the list is determined via rigorous procedures, Dun&Bradstreet sought various financial details from FY21, FY20, and FY19 —based on Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Exchange websites and other government reliable sources; examined annual reports and audited statements along with qualitative information from the organizations. This publication is a well-recognized actuary within the Global CXOs, SMEs, government ministries, and industry associations. For the featured SMEs, it is a global platform of recognition.

The 2022 edition of Dun&Bradstreet revolves around the theme: Time for India’s New Age Entrepreneurship

New-age India is operating at a miraculous speed and with great wit. India is the world’s fastest-growing internet market and the second largest. 

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