Being an ad sales professional is serious work. But, every now and then, things happen at work that have us rolling with laughter as well as rolling our eyes! And, sometimes it makes us question our profession too. But, as they say, it’s all a part of the job.

So, here are our top 26 memes on the life of an ad sales professional – from humorous client episodes, the campaign fails, the always elusive response from the media planner and more. Check them out and let us know which one is your favourite.

  • Salesperson to Client: Sir, what kind of business do you have?

When client requests to bring down CPL cost

  • That moment when your inbox shows Release Order attachment
  • Requesting for a brief from the client/agency
  • Agency changing their mind after 5 minutes of the campaign going live. Ops to Sales
  • Client (for the 97th time): Plan looks fine but….
  • When a new planner joins the agency
  • Media Planners during road shows
  • The 7$%#th time in a year when the planner makes you research (for his internal presentation)
  • Media planner to salesperson after the campaign
  • Salesperson to media planner after the campaign
  • Media planner to Client after the campaign is unsuccessful
  • Salesperson to planner after successful campaign
  • Planner to Client after the campaign is successful
  • When salesperson joins agency as a media planner
  • New Salesperson: Day 1 to Day 30
  • When a fresher salesperson expects help from fellow salesperson
  • Before client meeting
  • Client: This is a high-performance campaign and we are expecting quality leads, registration, walk-in, low bounce rate and…
  • To salesperson after the presentation when Client and Planner are together in meeting
  • Sales head to best salesperson
  • Regional language salesperson chasing big brands like…
  • When we tell clients about the reach of regional language audience
  • Planner to salesperson when he asks for branding budget brief
  • Agency: We are planning to do a visit based campaign with low bounce rate
  • Finally, sales target achieved but manager announces new target $%&#

It’s fun for us sales professionals to have a laugh every now and then! If you think there’s some meme out there we should have included on this list, let us know in the comment section.

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. Due to the nature of memes, it is difficult to trace who created them first. Please email and we will be happy to credit the original meme image creator.