Over the past 3 years, the Adgebra brand has become the front-line ad tech product for most of the top brands in India. Many brands consider our offerings as a must-have in their media mix when it comes to planning digital media spending.

Now, as we enter into a new and exciting phase, we would like to jump-start this new chapter by creating a fresh brand identity for Adgebra.

The new logo of Adgebra symbolizes and celebrates where our business stands today and encapsulates our vision for the future. The term ‘Top SPIN’ (as we call it internally) defines our growth strategy for the next 2 years and it will revolve around ‘S’Scale, ‘P’People, ‘I’Investments & Acquisitions, and ‘N’ – Newness (in identity, product lines, and expansions). More details on ‘Top SPIN’ in the next blog.

Let us tell you about the design philosophy behind our new brand identity.

Adgebra New Logo

After a lot of conceptualization and consideration, we developed a logo that is distinctive and represents our unique offerings in the Indian market.

As an icon, we zeroed in on the spinning top or lattoo as it is regionally called. It is a traditional toy that is rooted in Indian culture, is colorful, and evokes fun-filled memories. We had a clear picture from the beginning that our logo needed to represent India in all its richness and diversity. The spinning top’s vibrancy symbolizes our multilingual native ad capability in 10+ Indian regional languages.

A familiar sight in urban and rural areas, the spinning top connects and engages people of all ages across India and in many parts of the world. This is symbolic of Adgebra’s brand purpose – empowering businesses to connect, engage and win the trust of billions of digital consumers.

In motion, the spinning top stands for the dynamism that portrays our vision to continuously move ahead and be a global leader in the ad-tech space by making internet advertising language-agnostic through technology and innovation. The use of colors, ‘yellow’, ‘pink’, and ‘black’ in minimalistic aesthetics and typeface, indicates our traditional roots yet technology-led offerings and services.

Over the next few months, you’ll see all the assets of Adgebra orienting around this new visual and brand identity. It is the same Adgebra that you know, but with a more defined look and an, even more, sharper focus on making businesses succeed.

Do take a look at our new website with the refreshed identity. We would love to know what you think, in the comments below.