Over the past three years, adgebra has achieved market leadership in bringing new-age Indian internet users onto the radar of digital marketers. We have witnessed a tremendous increase in client demand for our offerings and related capabilities. Many top brands and advertisers have achieved success in their marketing objectives and continue to consider ‘adgebra’ as a must-have in their media mix. Adgebra has also been a front-line monetization platform for leading regional language publishers and content providers. Our focus on creating a niche for adgebra by offering adtech solutions targeting the new-age vernacular internet user has helped us scale to reach over 500 million unique users.

Taking the current market dynamics into consideration and with a focus on accelerated growth, we have outlined our new growth strategy ‘TOP SPIN’, to strengthen our market position and profitability for the next two years.

More about TOP SPIN – a strategy for accelerated growth:

Our new logo icon, the TOP, is symbolic of the dynamism and local language connection we offer to brands and publishers. It is also a reminder for us to always be on top of things and make a quick move when we see an opportunity for growth.

SPIN is a refreshed purpose that revolves around Scale, People, Investments, and Newness.

These are the growth pillars that adgebra will rest on to sharpen our market position. Specifically, in the following ways:


To achieve the desired scale, work on demand and supply should happen together. Prominent publisher alliances will be high on the agenda for our Publisher acquisition team, which would help us reach new audiences and gain market share. Reaching to long-tail brands from smaller towns and simultaneously pitching to top brands and agencies would be two main growth drivers for our sales team.


Investing in people and creating a unique work culture will be a significant focus, to keep pace with the growth. Our HR team will be focused on bringing onboard senior leadership members across all the verticals, specifically in the domains of technology and sales. While doing so, we are committed to maintaining a healthy gender diversity ratio. Our focus will also lie in relentlessly pushing forward a culture of inclusiveness and innovation.


Partnerships will play a key role in organic growth. Beyond alliances, we will be eager to explore investments and acquisition opportunities in tech startups that are working in the video and voice adtech domain. We are also keen to invest in startups that are in the space of audience data analytics, lead management systems, regional language, and app monetization/promotion. 


We will be prioritizing the enhancement of product features, improvement in algorithms, creating productive audience segments, and bringing precision in targeting. Launching newer ad formats around video and voice while envisioning products that offer business intelligence to publishers will help us gain a competitive advantage and market leadership.

‘Top SPIN’ encompasses all aspects of adgebra’s business and vision. I am confident that this strategy will benefit our clients, partners, employees, and investors. The journey ahead and the tremendous value that we aim to create with this new strategy excites me greatly. I am sure that with our capable team we should be able to deploy this at great speed. I’ll keep you posted with regular updates.