Internet availability has reached every turn of every street in every country, And that’s how the advertisers and marketers, and the AI and ML capabilities of the intelligent systems have led businesses to sell to users across the globe. However, there is a massive discrepancy between catering to international markets and providing localized products/services to be embraced by these regional markets within these international markets.

The Glocal ideology fits right here! Administering the global outreach and penetrating into the local market will enable the brands to establish a truly global identity.

Regardless, large organizations are focusing on expanding their geographic reach to dominate globally, there are organizations that want to “fill in the gaps” in this industry on ground zero, locally!

Serving 1 lakh ads per second, Adgebra is India’s largest multilingual adtech platform. A self-serve and managed services ad platform that is currently partnered with 1000+ advertisers and 2000+ publishers, reaching 500 million+ unique users per month. Adgebra was developed with a very native focus to cater to the vernacular requisites of the digitally expanding country. Various international organizations operate on a massive scale in the country but the core requirements of the country are as penned down in the Google-KPMG report. 90% of internet users in India prefer to consume content in their local language. That means 9 out of every 10 new internet users in a culturally diverse country like India like the information in their regional dialect. Such a huge market, but most advertisers are reaching out to users in a language that less than half of them understand.

The growth of budget mobile devices, growing internet penetration and the use of multiple languages will continue to play a major role in how publishers could tweak their platforms to ensure their audiences continue to grow. This will further fuel the need of localized advertising solutions.

Shashikant Anpat, AVP – Products & Inventory, Inuxu

The tech base at Adgebra identified this need for dissecting this multicultural-multilingual audience in India. Segmentation based on categorical regional differences- languages, geographies, demographics, cultures, etc. ushered the development of a localized solution that solves this complexity.

Imbibing translation workflow in our ad delivery system, we translate our ads into 10+ regional languages based on the language the user is consuming. This vernacular approach has helped us become the best regional ads platform in India. Our translation does not stop only there; we help our advertisers convert by creating language relevancy for their landing pages, web pages, and customer service approach (when it comes to regional sales communication). Our translations are also not mere machine translations, it is a combination of AI + Human translation of content by our partner teams. Furthermore, the translation is verified by our in-house teams for semantics and regional relevancy before being published.

Akshay Adik, Technology Head, Inuxu

Localized solutions make the user experience pleasant and make the advertisers happy to earn well-deserved ROIs. Glocalization of Adgebra is not only about expanding our reach but penetrating our reach. Since the idea of the Adgebra Adtech Platform sprung, there have been developments to make the platform inclusive of the local needs in India, making it a truly localized solution. Successful ascendancy has led us to take this ‘Be local’ idea to other parts of the world and hence go international with the glocal approach.

Our stats say regional language ads in vernacularly diverse regions show 3x times more engagement and conversions if the following landing page is also translated into the regional dialect.

Sumeet Dubey, CBO, Inuxu

We have now focused our operations on GCC regions and East Asia, expanding our reach in these countries we are sticking to our local phenomenon. It is a complex challenge but with years of experience and dexterity in providing localized solutions in India, it is a very achievable task for our team. Pioneering the technical supremacy in providing regional advertising, we are confident to convert ads that are local in nature. Inuxuites are experts when it comes to understanding and inculcating regional culture, linguistics, ethnicities, traditions, and trends in our ad delivery system.

We aim to identify regional clusters and implement AI-based ad delivery to the users in their own language while also identifying their regional segment based on our data. Such a local ideology in advertising can stimulate buying, increase sales, and help economize.

Rohit Bagad, Founder & CEO, Inuxu

Internet users are smart enough to know how ads work

What they want– is for the ads not to disturb them, but what they don’t mind- is the type of content that is relevant to their content consumption preferences (behavioral relevance, translated ads in their choice of language, geographical relevance, brands that care to listen, non-intrusive ads, avoid content that is decisive and fraudulent).

How does Adgebra plan to Glocalize?

We are focused to replicate a similar adtech ecosystem for multiple regions across the globe as we do in India; Exploring and segmenting regions, linguistics, demographics, regional nuances, geographical requisites, and more such local features to target ad audiences.

Trushant Ugalmugale, COO, Inuxu

Putting all your eggs in one basket is obviously the riskiest business strategy. So is putting all of your marketing content in just one language. Adgebra has always focused to explain why regional language ads are the future in India. It is now the story of each country, as global migration has become effortless. Countries have become more multi-lingual than ever. Understanding this regional diversity and catering to these audiences segmented in an inclusive manner is our job. It is what adgebra essentially does!

We are living in a world which is no more only a western-influenced society, it is a global-centric community made of multiple medium-to-big sized regional markets; In marketing and advertising, given an option to engage with consumers in multi-lingual ad formats, a three times higher user engagement is observed. This linguistic relevance enhances brand affinity.

The digital advertising industry will be compelled to adopt regional language centricity as a brand strategy by the end of 2022.